Jeff Yurek
MPP Elgin - Middlesex - London

Yurek Becomes a Healthy Candidate
May 29, 2014

St. Thomas, ON During the Ontario election the Heart and Stroke Foundation is running the Healthy Candidates campaign ( to encourage all candidates to “go healthy” this election. This means candidates must agree to the Healthy Candidate commitment to have the government invest more to promote and support better health in Ontario.

Today the PC Candidate for Elgin-Middlesex-London was joined by representatives from the Heart and Stroke Foundation as he pledged to go healthy indicating his commitment.


“Heart and Stroke congratulates each of these candidates who’ve pledged to support better health in Ontario, now and in the future,” says Tom McAllister, Chief Executive Officer, Ontario, Heart and Stroke Foundation. “The Healthy Candidates campaign is bringing voters and candidates together to focus our attention on better health in Ontario. We’re thrilled by such strong support in (City/County), Ontario.”


Ontarians can participate in the Healthy Candidates campaign:

"We in Ontario are proud of our health care system but we must recognize the areas that need to be improved.  The Ontario PC Party has pledged to reducing the bureaucratic waste that diverts money from our front line health care workers.  By cutting waste and balancing the budget, we can ensure that our front-line services are protected and more money is available to go to nurses, personal support workers, and doctors." - Jeff Yurek, PC Candidate, Elgin-Middlesex-London 

There are many ways to engage in and support the campaign. Voters can communicate directly with their local candidates via social media tools, phone or email; and candidates can pledge to become Healthy Candidates by going to


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