Jeff Yurek
MPP Elgin - Middlesex - London

May 12, 2014

ST THOMAS – On the road to a million jobs, the PC’s today announced a plan to guarantee affordable energy and create 40,000 jobs in the process.

“I think our announcement today highlights our party’s commitment to getting the economic fundamentals right,” said PC Candidate Jeff Yurek. “You talk to any mid to large-sized manufacturer and they’ll tell you how crippling high industrial energy rates are on their business.

“That is why we’re pushing forward with a plan to bring hydro rates down and create 40,000 new jobs.”

As part of the Ontario PC Million Jobs Plan, a PC government will:

  1. Replace wasteful subsidies for windmills and solar panels.  This would save Ontario’s economy $20 billion a year in energy costs.
  2. Reduce the bloated energy bureaucracy that has doubled over the past decade.
  3. Pursue safe, reliable, cost-effective technologies like hydroelectricity and natural gas.
  4. Open up access to affordable hydroelectricity and natural gas in nearby jurisdictions such as Quebec and several US states.

Yurek noted that in the past 10 years, Ontario went from having industrial rates for electricity that were below the U.S. national average to the highest rates in North America.  Rising energy rates have made it less attractive for job creators to do business in Ontario and have chased 300,000 manufacturing jobs out of the province.

“Here in St. Thomas, we have experienced the devastation that comes in the wake of major manufacturers closing their doors,” said Yurek. “These companies still manufacture their products, they just don’t do it here.

“I want to see that change.  I want St. Thomas and Elgin to be a place where business can’t afford not invest and I think brining down costly hydro rates is an important first step to achieving that.”

Yurek also noted that the PC efforts to guarantee affordable energy will also help families who have seen their hydro rates triple since 2003.

“At the end of the day, this plan will create more jobs and allow people to keep more of their hard-earned money.  This is the way we can get Ontario working better.”

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