Jeff Yurek
MPP Elgin - Middlesex - London
Elgin-Middlesex-London lies in the area directly east and south of the city of London. It stretches south down to Lake Erie, east to Bayham Township, and west to West Elgin Township. The riding is full of conservation lands, recreational facilities, and numerous art galleries and museums.
With St. Thomas, Aylmer, and part of London as key metropolitan areas, the riding of Elgin-Middlesex-London, blends urban amenities with country living. Elgin and Middlesex County have a rich cultural history that can be explored and experienced in many of the museums, art galleries, and other tourist attractions. Tourists and locals alike continue to discover all the area has to offer each year. A skilled and diversified workforce also define the riding. With it affordable real estate, a versatile talent pool, and convenient access to global markets via the 401 highway and Great-Lakes/St. Lawrence Seaway, the riding is also an ideal location for manufacturing businesses to thrive. Since 2011, Jeff Yurek has represented the riding as its Member for Provincial Parliament. Jeff has remained acutely aware of what factors drive the success of the area. A rich agricultural base with a solid manufacturing history, Jeff continues to call Elgin-Middlesex-London home and is committed to ensuring it prospers well into the future.
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